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Feature requests

8 years 2 weeks ago #542 by Name
Feature requests was created by Name

I have two feature requests maybe worth implementing.
The first one is probably not too hard: a dropdown menu with folders to place the sermon in.
At this moment all the sermons are uploaded to the same directory and I think it would be useful to create a dropdown list with a couple of different directories to place the sermon in. An alternative is to put the sermons in a different directory based on the year/month, like an archive.

The second request is quite harder I guess.
At this moment you can create a view and set which category you want to show. Unfortunately, it is not possible to show the category's sermons AND the sermons of the subcategories. That is also a option I would love to see.

These are just my suggestions, you can do whatever you want to do with them.


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8 years 2 weeks ago #543 by Thomas Hunziker
Replied by Thomas Hunziker on topic Feature requests
Hi Christian

Thanks for the suggestions. May I ask you some questions in return? Especially to the first request. I assume you want this so the list of sermons is a bit shorter? Or why are you asking this?
You know that you always can change the sermon path in the settings and the list will be populated only with the sermons in this directory (and new ones uploaded to that directory). Changing this path will not break the existing sermons at all.
When I know what you want to achieve, I can better decide how to implement it ;)

The second one is a bit special. I will have to look into the nested categories a bit closer, as of today SermonSpeaker doesn't really support it yet. But there are some questions on how to implement it. Joomla itself doesn't show items from subcategories for the "content" component. However it optionally shows the subcategories as a link. I usually try to follow the "Joomla way" as close as possible for SermonSpeaker, as it makes it more intuitive to use when it behaves the same as the Joomla Core. However I understand the request to also show the items from a subcategory directly in the list. Unfortunately Joomla doesn't offer a simple way to implement such a behavior yet, I would probably have to create the logic myself. But then I didn't really look much into the new API for the categories, what I saw was rather disappointing so far.

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8 years 1 week ago - 8 years 1 week ago #564 by Name
Replied by Name on topic Feature requests
Hey Thomas,

Sorry for the late reaction, I'm quite busy this week :(

About the first question: it is indeed to make the list shorter. I was thinking about a dropdown menu of directories to place the sermon but a (optional) automatic archiver is a really good idea too. So when you upload a sermon, it uploads it to the SERMONDIR/YEAR/ directory or something.

Then about the categories: I'm not a (joomla) coder so I have no idea how this is implemented. The best is to stay as closest to the joomla way and if that is against my ideas, so be it. Another way to implement this is to select multiple categories to show. Mayby is that easier?

At last I want to say these are just my ideas about how to improve SermonSpeaker, only implement them if you regard them as a good feature too!

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