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First of all: Installing SermonSpeaker is very easy! If you ever installed a Joomla extension before, this will be no different.


Make sure you download the correct version of SermonSpeaker for your Joomla installation from SermonSpeaker.net.

You need at least the component. All modules and plugins are fully optional.
The package contains the component and all modules and plugins.

Creating a new sermon is quite easy with SermonSpeaker. After some preparations, the user who will do the records should be able to create the sermon without any problems. So let's see what steps we need to do:


First of all, you need to make sure the user is allowed create a sermon. SermonSpeaker has default settings which are in line with the Joomla default settings. So a user in the group "Author", "Manager" or higher is allowed to do that. You can set custom permissions in the "Permissions" tab of the SermonSpeaker options. I've wrote an article earlier about SermonSpeaker 4.0 and J1.6 ACL which explains a bit more about the permission system.