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Notes section above sermon list?

1 year 1 day ago - 1 year 1 day ago #7408 by K A R Wright
Hi Thomas
Firstly, I've a vague feeling you've helped me out prev with a similar request possibly but I couldn't access all my previous posts in my Profile unless I'm mistaken in thinking there are more: When I click on either the More or the Page number I get flipped to a 'different' page? See the 2 screenshots :).

And so apologies if you've already tackled this elsewhere and again I'm asking for something already sorted, but I wondered if it would be possible to put a note section on the sermon list page (as opposed to the single sermon itself) preferably above the list itself.

My reason is that many of our visitors who're not au fait with using Filters much tend to assume that whatever number of sermons is listed as default (currently 20) is all there are available. I know I could probably switch the default to ALL (??) but didn't want to have to do that. However, if that proves the easier option than your having to spend hours coding for it please say. But it would also be a useful addition for other times when I maybe want to highlight a particular sermon or add in a note regarding maybe a half dozen etc.

No worries if not practical etc :) Thanks.

Bloomfield Methodist Online Sermons
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1 year 1 day ago - 1 year 1 day ago #7409 by Thomas Hunziker
Yeah, looks like there is a bug in the Kunena forum software with the profile page.

For your issue with the sermon page I would first look if there is a module position eg above the component output which could be used to show a notice.
A category description could be used as well to display a notice above the sermons.

Other than that, you would have to create a layout override or custom layout and add your notice directly in the layout.

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