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Article only sermons/Notes facility

1 year 9 months ago #6801 by K A R Wright
Hi guys
Firstly a HUGE thankyou for your continued provision of and work on this extension. It's invaluable!

Secondly apologies if either of these have been previously requested or otherwise already dealt with.

I've just had occasion to provide an Article only sermon as the audio wasn't recorded but when I just put the article up within S/S it shows the horrible black error box and if I open the sermon itself you then also get the 2nd error msg.

While I understand their purpose etc, it makes everything look messy or wrong for me. I can get round it to a degree by uploading a short silent recording but that's just confusing for visitors.

So I wondered if there might be some way to provide for a non-audio/video sermon to enable just an article to be provided but with the audio player still showing?

(Apologies, as I say, if this is already available & I've just missed it somehow in the settings or something).

My 2nd request is simpler hopefully.- would it be possible to have a Notes option in the Menu - I only work on the website in question weekly & sometimes leave something unfinished intending to complete the next week but then can't always remember what it was I wanted to do. Memory's not what it used to be LOL! So it would be really handy to have a facility to put a note in either as a Menu item or better still as part of the sermon in question. At the minute I tend to put something in the Sermon Description box but that means me having to ensure I don't publish the Sermon (which sometimes happens!!).until I revise it or whatever.

Thanks again.

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1 year 9 months ago #6802 by Thomas Hunziker
I think I can hide the player in the detailpage if no file is set instead of showing an error.
For the playlist it is a bit trickier as the playlist needs to match the count of sermons in the list. So it needs some sort of placeholder entry for the sermon which has no file. I have to see if I can make that error message less "dangerous".

Not sure I understand your second request but the menuitem already allows to add a note to it.
A similar thing could be added to sermons/series/speakers I guess.

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1 year 9 months ago #6803 by K A R Wright
Hey Thomas - nice to connect again :).

Appreciate your swift response & interest in trying to help with these. I'm tied up with other stuff just at the moment but will come back to you with clarification on the Menu thing tomorrow d.v.
Romayne :)
(Belfast UK)

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