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ADMIN: Larger selects in sermons (series options)

1 year 9 months ago #6797 by Tom

is it possible to increase the size of some select boxes, in the administration of the sermons?
I mean an regular update of sermon speaker. An individual override would be overwritten if the next update comes along...

What's the issue?
We put some long series titles and speaker titles (e.g. for more than one speaker). This results in some trouble when we edit a sermon. In the sermon editing mode, you can open the tab "files and details". On the right side you find the option "speaker" and an option "series", where you can link the sermon to a special series and speaker. But here comes the problem: In case of long series titles (and speaker names) the entries were cut off, so you can not read the full text of the series title or speakers name. This results in some wrong links... :(

Could you change - increase - the size of these fields/selects in the next update, please? ;)



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1 year 9 months ago #6798 by Thomas Hunziker
An override is perfectly fine if you do it as a proper override in the Isis template and not just edit the layout file in the SermonSpeaker directory.
Or you can use a "user.css" file for the Isis template (just put it inits css folder) and adjust the length of the box.
Both options are update safe.

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