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Adding copyright field to write_id3

2 years 6 months ago #6318 by Ken Lee
Dear Thomas,

I hard-coded writing our company name into id3 tag by adding a field to TagData array in there:
'copyright' => array('My Company'),
I think it is not so graceful.
Would you consider making this piece of information one of global configuration options, and possibly override-able at sermon or series or category level?
Thank you.

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2 years 6 months ago #6319 by Thomas Hunziker
That would need a "copyright" field in the sermon or series form if it should be overrideable on sermon or series level. I'm not sure how useful that is honestly. At category level it is impossible to do.

The copyright tag (TCOP) according to the id3v2 spec has to start with a year and a space and then some text. Meaning it has to look like "2016 My Company". The tag describes the copyright owner of the recorded audio itself (for example the artist of the recorded song) not the one who recorded the file. So "My Company" would be inapproriate in most cases. I don't know if preaches can be copyright protected, if they can, then most likely the preacher is the owner.

If you want to add a copyright for the file itself, you would have to use the "Encoded by" (TENC) tag.

So it's not that easy anyway.

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