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Just a thought or two

7 years 6 months ago #1178 by Larry Leuenberger
Hello Thomas,

my church (like just about everyone else) is very interested in integrating social media. An obvious feature that I'm pretty sure would be interesting for many would be the option of having Facebook 'like' and 'share' buttons after every sermon.

Another wish I would have is the possibility to link bible verses to www.bibleserver.com . There are a number of languages and various translations available there.

Schöne Grüsse!

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7 years 6 months ago #1180 by Thomas Hunziker
SermonSpeaker 4.2 already has an integration of the Facebook OpenGraph Protocol on the detailpage. This plays well with a "like" button somewhere on the page as it feeds Facebook some additional infos when pressed. Basically it creates an own Facebook page for each sermon if "liked".

So far I didn't like to include such buttons into SermonSpeaker itself. Since those buttons all are available as modules for Joomla, I still think this is the better approach. Just install such a module, I think they will offer you much more possibilities and flexibility than SermonSpeaker ever can.
Or is there something which can't be done with such a module?

For the scripture links I can recommend you using the plugin " BibleLinkXT ". I use this myself on our church page and it works fine.
There is also another "scripture links" plugin from another developer which also works nice, but is more suited for english people I think.
If you have one of those plugins installed, you just have to wrap their plugin tags ({bib=...} for BibleLinkXT) around a scripture reference and it will create the link. This works for the scripture field and the sermon notes field.

Feel free to rate SermonSpeaker on JED .
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