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7 years 9 months ago #812 by Lewis
Categories was created by Lewis
I notice on the upload that there is the option to include categories. I was thinking this would be great to create a division among languages as I have several of the same lessons but in different languages. So I created a category for English, Spanish and Russian each. Then I checked all the settings and there does not appear to be a way of showing the categories on the display page where a visitor could then filter to their language. Have I overlooked something or is the categories option more of an administrative function and is there a way that I can add it to the display page? If I am missing the idea behind categories could I get a brief discussion as to their purposes and a suggestion on how I could make the sermons filtered by language or possibly even load the module multiple times on a single website so I can create a division in languages.

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7 years 9 months ago #815 by Thomas Hunziker
Replied by Thomas Hunziker on topic Categories
The idea behind categories was to be able to do something like "Sunday Service", "Youth Messages", "Afternoon Service". You can assign sermons, series and/or speakers to a specific category. When you show the sermon list, you can then filter the list for this category. This is done in the menu settings.
The active category should be shown in the title of the page, appended to the regular title.

I think it should be possible to achieve what you try with categories.
With Joomla 1.6 they introduced a new way to tag an item for a specific language. It's not yet implemented in SermonSpeaker but it probably will be in a future release.

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7 years 9 months ago #820 by Lewis
Replied by Lewis on topic Categories
Thanks for the help. I was a little confused but did get things figured out and it works great. Once I get things set I will try to develop a short video on how people can create the categories and then use a menu to divide them. My example is:
Audio / Video

Others could be like you have mentioned such as:



Once you know the process of creating categories it is really easy to simply to develop the main topic and then the rest as subtopics.

Thanks so much for your work.


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