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SermonSpeaker 4.1 released!

7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #645 by Thomas Hunziker
SermonSpeaker 4.1 is available!

It's 5 months from the last release, so it's about time for an update on SermonSpeaker. During this time I started with ironing out bugs in SermonSpeaker 4.0. There were more than I had thought. Of course this didn't take the whole time and I also got to add some new features (between the regular work for which I get paid). Here is the list of new features:
  • Rewritten Frontend Uploader. It now has a Flash Uploader and it's reduced to one step.
  • Added the possibility to have an audio and a videofile assigned to each sermon. A new parameter sets the priority file if both are present (other one is failover)
  • Added Player to each sermon listing, it will have the currently shown sermons as a playlist
  • Optionally this player can be toggled between an audio and video playlists, by default it will be populated with the file present, taking care off the "priority" parameter.
  • By default clicking the "play" icon in the list will play the selected sermon, the table wor will be marked with a CSS class ('ss-current').
  • The function of the icon and the sermon-title link can be set in the backend
  • Added ACL checks to each view. Use categories for restricting access to certain sermons, series and/or speakers. If a category is either unpugblished or access restricted, the related items will not be shown at all if not allowed. For sermons this also includes the categories assigned to the speaker and series.
  • If you unpublish a series or speaker, the assigned sermons will still show, but the series/speaker will not be linked. Only the name will be shown. For example use this if you have guest speakers who should not appear on the speakers list, but you still like the info on the sermon itself.
  • The Frontend Uploader and the Feed view take a new URL parameter &username=abc and &password=xyz which will try to login the user prior to the ACL check. This is usefull if you have no login on your page and want to use the Frontend Uploader. Or if a user wants to read a feed with access restricted sermons with his feed reader.
  • Sermons can now have a picture. This will be shown as "album art" in the Flash Player
  • Rewrote each view to mimic a bit more a content view. This now also makes use of the advanced menu item parameters Joomla 1.6 brings by default (page display options and metadata). We also use now the default CSS classes which should make SermonSpeaker integrate better into your template
  • Sermon Date now also holds the time when the sermon is held. If the time is shown depends on the date settings.
  • Added the option to download a whole series as a zipfile.
  • New option "default order direction" for the sermons listings. Defaults to "ordering ascending"
  • Statistics view in backend is rewritten to export the statistic data as XML. The hit count is now integrated in the respective listings and can be resettet there.
  • Added new sermon layout "content" which mimics a content item. The layout "new line" is removed as the same can be achieved with "extended new line" now anyway.
The files can be found in the download section of SermonSpeaker.net.

If you find a bug, please report it in the tracker or the forums.
If you like to provide a translation, I'm more than happy for your support. Feel free to post the files in the forum or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thomas Hunziker

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