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SermonSpeaker 4.3.0 is released!

7 years 5 months ago - 7 years 5 months ago #1263 by Thomas Hunziker
SermonSpeaker 4.3.0 has been released!

As always the new release can be downloaded in the download section or you can use the Joomla updater to get the newest version.

Layouting and more

SermonSpeaker 4.3 introduces a new feature to SermonSpeaker: Layouting.
This allows you to create own layouts for every SermonSpeaker view and share those with other users.

Unlike the (proprietary) templating systems of other extensions I decided to use the possibilities Joomla 1.7 offers. This means that you will need basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and PHP to create the layouts. That's basically the downside. The positive thing is that it allows you to create whatever you like, there are no restrictions on what you could do with the present data. And you don't need to study cryptic template commands. This knowledge could also be used to override any other Joomla view as well, that's not restricted to SermonSpeaker.
A small tutorial about layouting can be found in the Documentation.

During the process of developing the feature, I discovered some bugs in Joomla which now are fixed in Joomla 1.7.3. That means SermonSpeaker 4.3 will only work with Joomla 1.7.3 and higher. Keep that in mind if you didn't upgrade your Joomla for some reasons.

  • Added specific CSS classes to the table columns in listings.
  • New Tool "Search orphaned files" which searchs for files not linked to a sermon.
  • New Tool "Import from PreachIt" which imports data from the extension "PreachIt" if that one is installed.
  • Including FlowPlayer as an alternative player.
  • Added default options to series and speakers. This lets you set a default series/speaker which will be preselected for new sermons.
  • Added dropdown lists to the archive view. Let's you select the month and year from inside this view. Previously it was only possible with the archive module.
  • Series and speakers dropdown lists will now group the entries by their state (published/unpublished) and show their category as well.


Joomla 1.7.3 or higher

New module "SermonSpeaker"

There is also a new module which shows series or speakers. Kind of like the latest sermons module.

Feel free to rate SermonSpeaker on JED .
Useful documentation for beginners: First Steps & FAQ
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