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SermonSpeaker 4.2 released!

7 years 8 months ago #1029 by Thomas Hunziker
SermonSpeaker 4.2.0 has just been released!

The last 3 months I've focussed on a better support for videos, which I think went quite well. Together with Andrei I also included support for the Facebook OpenGraph API. And of course the usual bug fixing happend as well.

The new version can be downloaded on this site or by using the Joomla extension manager.

Changelog besides bug fixing:
  • The sermon filelists now support Amazon S3 servers, Vimeo and extern server skripts. The access info for Amazon S3 and Vimeo have to be set in the SermonSpeaker settings before use. The extern server skript needs to deliver the filelist as an XML following this shema:
    <URL> www.domain.com/path/to/filename.mp3 </URL>
  • The podcast now adds the sermon picture the the episode level, if no picture is set it will fallback to the podcast image.
  • Added Facebook OpenGraph integration to sermon detailpage. To use this, you have to add your facebook user id and/or the site id to the field in the "Integration" tab on the SermonSpeaker settings. Also you need a Facebook "like" button on your page which references to the actual loaded page.
    The FB OpenGraph API then automatically creates an own Facebook page for the sermon if the like button is pressed. This feature can probably expanded endless with Facebooks features like commenting and displaying other persons which liked the sermon. Be invited to share your ideas in the forums, I see what I can include :-)
  • Updated getID3 library and JW Player
  • Added an option to SermonSpeaker settings to define a JW Player skin file.
  • Added the possibility to toggle between an audio and video sermon easily. This only works with JW Player.
  • Improved the download function. This should now work better with systems which have memory limits in place.
  • The alternative player (PixelOut) now supports playlists, but it still only plays mp3 files. This is a limitation of the player, not SermonSpeaker :-)
  • Vimeo is fully supported for video files. If a Vimeo video is linked, SermonSpeaker will automatically show the Vimeo player instead of JW Player. If the download button is pressed, it will redirect the user to the Vimeo page instead. Looking up the id3 tags of a Vimeo video will look up those tags directly from Vimeo using their API.
  • Added the Flash uploader from the Frontend Uploader also to the backend./li]
  • In the backend, there is now a new "Tools" menu. This is "work in progress" and will get more tools in the future. For now you can set the ordering for all sermons based on the sermon date and you can write the id3 tags for each sermon file based on the stored informations.
  • Speaking of id3 tags writing, SermonSpeaker can now save these tags to the files. Not all fileformats are supported. This is a limitation of the fileformats and the getID3 library, not SermonSpeaker. Writing those tags is fully optional, but SermonSpeaker is able to automatically write the tags for a sermons after you saved the sermon.
  • The backend sermons list uses now the same default ordering as the frontend.
  • Added an option to automatically create subdirs based on year/month for uploaded sermons. This will help those who have years of sermons already stored and thus get a list of some hundreds files ;-)
    The file lists will then first check if such a directory exists based on the sermon date, if the directory doesn't exist, it will fall back to the default sermon directory.
  • SermonSpeaker will sanitize the filename of an uploaded file (removing special chars). If this results in a filename like '___.mp3' it will create a new filename based on the current date/time.
  • Series and Speaker dropdown lists will now only show published and unpublished entries. Archived and trashed ones are now longer visible. If unpublished entries are present, it will group the entries and label them.
  • The feed will no longer show trashed sermons. It will however still show unpublished and archived sermons, as long as the "SermonCast" toggle is enabled.

As always if you find a bug or have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the forums.
If you want to provide a translation or even a new layout, you can do so also by posting on the forums or email them to me.


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