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There is a new menu item "Downloads" -> "Language Packs" where you can download the latest translations pulled directly from Transifex.

This means you can get the very latest updates of the language files as soon as they got translated. No more waiting till the next release of SermonSpeaker.

Please note that this packs will not overwrite the existing language files bundled with the various SermonSpeaker extensions. Instead they will be installed as a language pack which will override the existing files. That means you can always just uninstall it and Joomla will default back to the original files. It also means that when you update SermonSpeaker you will have to update the language packs as well or you may end up with untranslated strings.

There is also a nice contribute button besides all packs which are not yet fully translated. This button will bring you straight to the transifex page of the selected language so you can start translating the pack yourself. How this works is explained in the article about OpenTranslators. The language packs will be automatically updated with your newly translated strings so you can use them soon afterwards.

Thanks to Daniel from Compojoom for creating such a nice Joomla! extension (CTransifex) which made this possible.