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SermonSpeaker is a free Joomla component for churches to publish their sermons. It focuses on easy administration and operation by trying to copy the look and feel of regular content items so it feels familiar.

Some features include:

  • Support for up to 3 files per sermon, one for audio, video and (downloadable) notes.
  • Supports all fileformats Flash can play (see supported Fileformats for JW Player), also supports wma/wmv files and Youtube and Vimeo videos.
  • Supports Joomla 3.x features like JTags and language associations.
  • Multiple players integrated (JW Player, Flowplayer, Wordpress Audio Player). SermonSpeaker automatically chooses a fitting player depending on filetype and your favors.
  • Automatically creates a full featured podcast (RSS feed with iTunes tags).
  • Frontend Editing for an easy uploading and publishing of new sermons or editing existing ones.
  • Multiple layouts already included for the sermon detailpage. More layouts can be made easily or downloaded for free. For each view the layout can be selected independently.
  • Supports external storage servers and Amazon S3.
  • Support for content plugins like Scripture Links and Biblelink XT
  • Support for JComments and Xmap
  • Various modules and plugins available

Use the demopage on this site to see what it is capable of doing.

There is a new menu item "Downloads" -> "Language Packs" where you can download the latest translations pulled directly from Transifex.

SermonSpeaker goes GitHubGitHub

I've moved the repository for SermonSpeaker from JoomlaCode to GitHub where also the Joomla Core and many other projects are maintained. GitHub wants to support "social coding", meaning that everyone can work on the same project. In theory JoomlaCode would have allowed the same, but the webgui GitHub offers is just far better and makes it incredibly easy to open new issues or even submit code improvements to the project.

What that means for you

  • If you are just using SermonSpeaker on your page, then nothing changes for you. Also support is handled in the forums as always. This is not what GitHub is for.

SermonSpeaker goes Transifex

With the release of SermonSpeaker 4.4, we moved the whole translation for SermonSpeaker to Opentranslators.org and Transifex.com.

OpenTranslators is a hub for getting developers and translators together. It's dedicated for Joomla and the suggested way to get extensions translated. They make use of Transifex to achieve this, a site dedicated to translate various software projects. The idea is to make it easier for both the translators and the developers to get the extensions translated.

Joomla Answers is a Stack Exchange proposal to have an own SX site for Joomla related questions like Stack Overflow.

The proposal is currently in its Commitment state, and you can help bring it into Beta. I think it would be a great ressource for troubleshooting Joomla problems. Better than asking in the official forum or the Google groups.

If you think this is a good suggestion, go to the Area51 site and commit yourself to the proposal. It also doesn't hurt if you are active on any other Stack Exchange site and have or build up some reputation.

There is also a discussion going on in the CMS Google group initiated by Nils Rückmann.

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